Saturday, June 07, 2008

More crushed dreams

Well, my TOC chance at full tilt just ended. The turning point was when waffles moved all-in and I called with KK. He flips over AK and the Ace on the flop sealed my fate. I still had a small stack, but had to push with anything and ran my AJ into AK. (not enough chips to even fold).

I finished 12th in a difficult field and with the exception of the throw away at the end, got my money in good every freakin time. (like that matters)

Mega-tilt right now... Dont know how I am going to be able to take the Bodog Tuesday rollercoaster finale. I am hungry, mentally shot, and utterly disappointed with the entire 3 days in Vegas (cards wise).

did I tell you I had a nice session yesterday? No big profits. just maybe 1/2 buy-in, which was impressive considering my cards. Lady sits down. First hand AcKc, flops nut flush, other lady PILES her money in on every street with TP. TWO, yes 2 hands later, she is dealt KK and stakes AQ when a Queen flops. She is there 3 hands, and up 2 full buy-ins.

I dont know why I play this game. I should stick to Rockband.

I always said, I am not a lucky person. Fair enough.

More work interviews, meetings, fund raising, and other chaos on Monday. Where is this life going anyway?


Fuel55 said...

Even I couldn't tutor you into running worse.

OhCaptain said...

Not much you can do when you get Waffled.

Sorry your hopes got dashed. All I got was this lousy "I railed the ToC" t-shirt


PokerGuy said...

It's ok, dreams wouldn't be so great to achieve if they were so easy. Keep dreaming :)

PokerGuy said...

Hey by the way (I am the above poster) I have a business proposition for you I think you'll like can you email me at so I can give you details?


SirFWALGMan said...

Sorry man. Well not so much. I think I had to play that hand there. No mention of the hand that knocked you out? QQ vs 77 of Loretta? Just "Waffles fucked me".. I mean do not get me wrong I enjoy the attention but I think that was a worse beat and you would have gotten back to 8k again if you won that hand. Ah well. Good game. I hate MTTs also.

SirFWALGMan said...

lol. I must be fucking insanely angry since I mis-stated who sucked out on you. Twas not Loretta. I do remember your final hand being a sick on though. After the AK-KK one. Bah. Stupid poker.

DrChako said...

Awesome seeing you in Vegas.


$mokkee said...

that was brutal man.