Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I make no apologies

hammerplayer.blogpsot.com is always my favorite blog, because like mine, its mostly poker. (Although it was great seeing him stick it to Lehmans). Since being introduced to 'utility', I have been obsessed with it. Why?

Well, because I OFTEN will take any draw or shove on TP with my Q<1. i.e., my stack size is less than average. It never made enough of a difference, just made me feel better when I lost. But I had the right idea, just the wrong strategy.

If 100 Big Blinds is the watermark for 'having the big enough club', then can I make a series of suppositions?

If I have not yet reached 100 BB, then
1. I need to take a race early and be the aggressor?
2. I can play more pre-flop poker?
3. Big draws can be slow played for big pots?
4. I should see more flops?

It gets confusing fast, doesn't it?


Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Feel better, Ray. Hopefully it's nothing serious.

Also best of luck with your career issues. Those can fucking suck.

Glad you enjoyed my rant today. I am so mad at my former employer I could scream.

Mr. W said...

Maybe you need to apologice?