Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ceiling cat is watching you be a luckbox

Never in my life had I seen a guy on such a heater. This guy on my right in the course of about two hours...

KK 3 times (all hold up).
Flops or turns 2 pair on four occasions for the best hand, getting action.
flopped TPTK numerous times, all getting action from worse hands.
Folded after the flop maybe 3 times in the entire 2 hours.

We are at a 1-2 table and he is up to $1300.
Me? KK cracked twice (by a non-ace hand). I flopped TP and 2 sets, all to zero action. I won only 1 good pot all night when a guy flopped a set and I flopped a straight. This was 2 hours ago and before the arrival of Heater guy. (but I was up $150 because of that)

Heater gets up to take a phone call. He is gone for 1 hand.

In that one hand, I call a cutoff raise from SB with JTo and an MP limper call.
Flop is JJT (2 hearts). MP bets 17, cutoff calls, I call, hoping for an undercard on the turn.

Turn is black 3 and MP checks now, and cutoff bets 25. I call and then MP calls.

I have the MP on the flush draw and cutoff on a Jack. Turn is the glorious 2 of hearts. I check the nuts. MP also checks? Cutoff bets 25.

I drop into thought. If I call, then the MP will call (I expect) for +$25. If I make it $60, the MP folds and cutoff calls (I expect) for +$35. So I make it $60 to go. MP folds and the cutoff moves all-in!! In a split second I realize he made a worse boat, insta-call and table "nuts". He turns over TT. (MP folded just a Jack.)

Heater guy comes back, immediately in the next few hands makes a ROYAL FLUSH. I decide its time to exit. I tell him to thank whomever called him for me and take my profit to the window.


matt tag said...

good thing he wasn't at the table with your boat - THAT would have been his royal flush hand.

Memphis MOJO said...

"I tell him to thank whomever called him for me."

You're a riot!

[My verification word is piftall. Close, but why isn't that "t" where it belongs?]

kurokitty said...

Nice hand. JTo probably isn't the best call here to a pf raise...