Monday, October 26, 2009

WSOP thoughts

As we get closer to the November 9, and I read about and watch every hand I can, I have noticed that there seems to be 2 types of pro finishers. One type has an instinct for when the press the action, and the other have a knack for knowing when you have overplayed your hand (or are just bluffing) based on the betting story. Of course, you want to do both and excel at both. Seems obvious right? But like many things in this lifetime, its easier said than done.

I have been playing more aggressive as of late and as a result I find myself more willing to strongly play a weaker hand or even push with TPTK if I have an M of 20 or less. I am not sure its a good thing, but at least I am conscious of it. I am waiting to see what I learn from all this.

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Jordan said...

Aren't the two types of pro finishers just opposite sides of the same coin? One side knows when to push a bet when their opponent is weak and the other side knows when to call a bet when their opponent is weak. And on that same note, I think the common factor is simply reading people, and I bet that has more to do with how people act in-person than anything that can be learned online (which I merely add as an aside). Sensing weakness online and sensing weakness live have some commonalities (bet sizing), but there is a lot more info live that one has to learn to read.