Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Why do I like tournament poker better than cash games? It's just really hard with 40-50 BB to get away from a set regardless of the board. And if you have top-set second nuts, you are not going to escape from the unlikely change that someone called a 4x raise with 2d4d.

Still, no one to blame but yourself. Move in with top-set and lose... It happens, move on. At least it wasn't Kings into Aces pre-flop!


matt tag said...

no one to blame - period. Sometimes the correct play in poker is to go broke. Getting it all in with top set and 40-50BB in a tourney is one of those times.

Memphis MOJO said...

The nature of the beast is that you absolutely have to chip up. That means taking chances greater than this one.

diverjoules said...

The "Poker Grump" gospel of the deuce four is really getting out there.