Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mentally Vexed

There's an expression for you. I made a half hearted attempt to login to an online site yesterday, only to forget my password and get distracted by something shiny. Part of it is the new job, part of it is the mental distraction of the holidays, and some of it is even the Reid bill saga. Am I supposed to flee with my funds the moment it passes or simply ignore it as "much ado about nothing"?

And even this medium. This blog type medium. Where is it going? or perhaps more correctly, where is it fading away to? Perhaps as a content provider who is ONLY chronicling a stupendous rise to mediocrity, this blog has run its course (sort of like leaving on a drive to LA and ending up in San Diego).

I could say "time will tell", but lately time=stress. Perhaps this is why young players dominate long tournaments. Time is a simple commodity of which they are overloaded. I seem to be treating idle time as paramount to say smoking, an event that shortens your life.

I watched the first couple of episodes of Mad Men last night to see what all the commotion was about. I dont think the show is for me, and I dont feel like watching it just because everyone else likes it. Talk about digressing...

I missed the WPBT last weekend, and that also took its mental toll as I cursed the poker gods. And yet, I have too much to be thankful for to really be anything more than "sorry I missed it. Next year for sure."

2 months ago, I was close to last in my league (as was its host). I bet someone that we would both make the top 11 out of 27) by the end of the league getting 6-1 odds I think. I came in second that month, and in December my accomplice won. Neither was particularly pretty, but we continue to climb the ladder. It has to go better than my "Lions will win 5 games this year" bets. (Note: I will make that same bet next year!)

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