Monday, May 16, 2011

Full Tilt impending doom?

I don't know how else to take the fact that PokerStars returned my US money and Full Tilt continues to "work on it". I fear that working on it is actually a euphemism for 'trying to decide what if anything they are going to return'.

I am sure the situation is complex and multifaceted that it seems on the surface, but there is no downside to timely return of funds. Expect for the fact that you would no longer have them! And so what happens with Full Tilt reneges?


Matt said...

Like everyone else, I got my Stars check in 4 days. If Tilt doesn't have the cash to pay everyone out, they won't be the fist company. I imagine Tilt is paying out the pro's and big players first.


Shane said...
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