Monday, April 23, 2012

What a year has done

Last year, I won my league outright and started strong this league year. But as I play only 2-3 a month now, I find myself making mistakes that seems to be from lack of experience. Not stupid mind you, but if you do something wrong over the course of a MTT and you fix it for the next one, that is learning. If you make a mistake and then a month later make another mistake, you are trapped in a feedback loop that is too large to be helpful.

$200 live MTT:

Level is 300/600/75 and I still have about $18k of my starting $20k. Despite my best efforts, I had to lay down a number of hands (correctly in all cases). So now, its costing me $1500/round for an M of 12. UTG opens and I call in the BB with Jh9h. I am just defending my BB more than anything here, BUT the player who opened is not a stealer.

Flop comes down 9 high with 2 diamonds. He bets out $5k into a $2500 pot and I mistakenly hatch a plan. I am going to go with this hand hoping I am ahead but also bluff all-in if the 3rd diamond falls. So I call and when the 2d comes on the turn, I move in. He SNAP calls with TTd.

Would I SNAP call there? No, I am thinking it through. But enough about his TINY mistake. My large mistake comes from playing stupid 1/2 cash games and not a daily MTT. My gosh what a difference playtimes makes.


Memphis MOJO said...

You didn't mention the villain's stack size. If he had a big or very low stack, they often call. With a good but not great stack, you can usually get them to lay it down.

matt tag said...

the big mistake is "defending your blind". It's not your blind!

Playing drawing hands out of position sucks in every way. Especially in a tourney.

columbo (at eifco dot org) said...

MOJO: Villain stack size was 19k or about same.

This exact move works 80% of the time at a 1-2 cash game, thus my "bad habit" comment in the post.

MATT: This is sort of my point. If I was playing more, I look for a better spot. I should never call that post flop 5k either.

cuongthao said...

money is everything