Friday, January 18, 2013

More Thoughts on Deconstruction

Am I going to BET this flop or check?

Well, where does my holding fall in the ranges of my possible action? For example, if AK is at the TOP of the checking range, but in the middle of my betting range, I am better off betting.... hmmmm... perhaps this is too awkward to be used as a axiom.

Sometimes I think we (I) forget the simplest mantra of poker for post flop play:

"Does he fold a hand better than me? Does he call with a hand worse than me?" In those cases, bet. I recall Phil Gordon used to expound a variant of this (which I done like at all), "Am I ahead? Bet. Am I behind? Check". I think he might have been oversimplifying for the medium he expressed this to/in, but its awful if taken at face value.

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Jordan said...

It reminds me of something Phil Laak (I think it was Laak) said on Poker Road once. He said when you are ahead, bet big. When you are bluffing, bet small. It was so obvious, and yet easy to forget in the heat of battle.