Thursday, June 20, 2013

WSOP Event 40

Like so many other players, this weekend is my "weekend warrior" WSOP event. I have spent considerable time reviewing level 3 concepts that I should have been FAR more familiar with and practicing them:

Ranging hands, floating, c-betting, bluffing, value betting, short stack, deep stack, 3 betting, and "having a plan" for a hand.

Of course, that is alot of information to have to bone up on, and I am remiss as a player that I have not been doing it all year. Perhaps (most probably) this accounts for my poor showing in league 2.

All this being said, I know two things about these donk-ament events:

1. There will be times where you will ship it with a flush draw and 2 overs, and get called by a hand where the two overs are no good (set, st8, 2 pair). In those cases, you have to hit your flush as a 2-1 dog.

2. There will be times where you flop enough of a hand that you have solid showdown value, and the other player is going to check-raise you with a flush draw and you are going to have to hold.

In order to go deep, you have to be on the winning end of these > 50%. otherwise, you have to be so good that you are accumulating chips at an astounding rate to compensate and that means variance anyways.

Nevertheless, I know the difference between playing well and playing foolish, and I'll try to avoid that latter.


Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Which event are you playing? Are you going to be updating chip stack / status, on your blog, on twitter, etc?

Just remember, the #1 key to these horrible-structure WSOP donkaments is that you have to find a way to chip up early in order to amass enough chip utility to be able to play poker. For some reason the WSOP is hell-bent on making most of their events super short starting stacks that just don't leave a lot of room to play the game the way you want to after the first couple of levels. That's I think the biggest reason why you kind of need to push with the flush draw type of hands you mention in your post.

Will be rooting for you this weekend man. Tell me you will provide updates somewhere.

columbo (at eifco dot org) said...

Event #40, ltcolumbo on twitter

Gwitada12 said...

Just found your blog, loving it.