Thursday, March 31, 2005

KK in first hand of WSOP

Comment on the KK in the first hand of the WSOP discussion. I originally thought this was an easy fold. But after thinking about it for 3 weeks, I now know I would call this bet. Here is my logic:

  1. This is not a SnG or a reasonably sized field where you can expect positive EV on a long range of hands. In order for that to be true, you have to be better than the rest of the field. I don’t think that would apply to me at the WSOP.
  2. I can not avoid volatility in a large field tournament. In a reasonably sized field, I always try to avoid all coin flips as the caller. With a field this large, however, you are going to have to play and win these volatile hands.
  3. Who would go all-in that early unless they were trying to establish dominance? I think everyone would be talking about that call and you can add to the mystic by yelling out afterwards, “You think that was crazy, try stealing my blinds”.

Of course, if he has AA and you call, everyone will call you an idiot for calling this. But would you rather be out on day 3 and still not cash? Is that really better for your ego? I mean, that chick from MAXIM magazine cashed. Do we all believe she is a good player or that she is a good folder?

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