Saturday, April 02, 2005

The strangest of spring birds

There was this strange beatnik episode of Happy Days where the beatnik recited the following two line poem, "oh little birdy with your beak pressed against the window glass. There is no birdseed for you today... only death."

When spring came to Michigan, a bird (maybe a robin) was flying into our stairway window. As the sound repeated, I wanded over and watched as the bird repeatedly flew into the window. Not on accident, mind you. This bird was determined. Determined to accomplish what, I am not sure. So we put a stuffed dog in the window and that helped deter the bird for about a day. Then the assault began again. My daughter then put a picture of a "mean face" in the window and the relentless attack finally subsided.

As I sit hear this morning, I use this bird as a metaphor for learning poker. If you repeat an unsuccessful pattern of playing, you are like the mindless bird. My "bird play" is calling when I am beat because I WANT to have the best hand. Probably since I have not had the best hand in a long time. So, I start calling out of frustration. I begin slamming my face into the window. But unlike the bird who is playing limit and can bash into the window for a few hours, I am playing no limit and only get one or two good bashes in before I am out.

I am in a 2 table SnG and I fold post flop to an obvious better hand. I dont play things like T6s and it flops a st8. Then I get A2s and since I am on the button, I play it. I try to play the hand away from someone when an Ace flops, but they held firm and I know to abandon the effort. I get a KJ in late position and get to limp in. The flop is 89J and this is an alright flop, but not a great one. I call a better who puts out the feeler bet and the button calls the bet also. The turn pairs the 9 and here comes trouble. I have half my stack left from the starting chips, and I see that the window is shutting here. The button, who rode me off my A2 play, raises big. This is a fold, but for some reasons I start bashing my head into the window. By the end, he shows down 89 for a boat and I wonder how that bird can possible spend hours flying into a window.

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