Sunday, December 11, 2005

Blogger, Blogger, Blogger. Oi! Oi! Oi!

I just returned from the WPBT winter classic. As a fringe member of this fabulous poker group, I can only say I want to be a full time part of it as soon as possible. Out of ignorance and restraint, I put too much emphasis on getting to Vegas on a budget and doing well in the tournament. Both were VERY wrong choices. Since I drove 6 hours to get there, I had to leave at lunch on Sunday. What a shame, because I really missed an extra day to just hang out with some of the gang.

It was such a pleasure, but I am not going to post any details as of yet, because I have some great audio bits I want to edit and shoot to Lord Admiral for the weekly poker podcast. (Man, if you STILL don’t listen to that, how do you call yourself a poker player? -see links). I have not even decided what I can use yet, as I have not heard all the levels, but suffice it to say that if I got it all, it’s a rollercoaster ride of fun.

I will not bother with the blogger results, as I know Pauly and CJ were all over that and have solid notes on the field, the final table and the results. Instead, I will chronicle just myself and Mrs. Columbo, which turn outs to be more interesting that it seems.

BUT, there is a complaint I need to log with my blogger community. For the first time EVER, I lost my entire bankroll. My bankroll for any trip is two full buy-ins. I have never had to “weather out swings”, “go home broke”, or even leave a casino down more than a single buy in. But Saturday night at the late hours, I donked off two full buy ins. And I did it while having the time of my life and running into monsters. I first sit down and watch set over set or set and figure I was lucky I was not in that hand. F-Train was not so lucky. But later, when my straight got boated on the river, and then the same guy sucked out a 4 flush on my set, I was down 1 buy in already. I finally ended my misery when my KK ran into Drizz and his AA. It was a LONG walk back to the hotel with mixed emotions. Then I realized, I should blame all the bloggers for creating such a circus of fun, that I donked off my bankroll. (Yes, it was that fun. But for details, listen to Lord Admiral. What they don’t use, I will post.)

Like I said, I have SO much more to say, but I want to hear the tape first. Special thanks to the Rootster ( who is going to hook me up with more Omaha 8OB knowledge. Assuming I get off tilt from my worst donkey night ever on Saturday.

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