Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A quick one, while he's away

Man, did I go out fast in the Hoy last night. 3 table MTT and I am playing tiger-style this week, chipping up about 15% and then...

excuse my poor memory...
Raise with ATs. Hoy calls in BB. Flop is Qxx with 2 clubs. Hoy bets, I call.

At this point, I figure he might have missed...

Turn is an ACE. of clubs.
I Hoy checks, I bet, Hoy puts in big raise. about 60% of his stack. I figure him now for a Queen and a club, or an ace and a club.

I needed to call time here and think that if Hoy DID have and Ace, I would be behind his probable holdings. But instead, I quickly pushed so he would think I made the best hand.

I had him really worried I made the flush, but he still called with top two (AQ) no club. Nice call.

I think I get away with this if Hoy has 30% of his stack in there, or it is much later in the tournament when someone feels "time vested". But here, I should have seen this call.

This game is tough. It didn't help that my dish was acting up and I was missing the game. But that is really an excuse. And we dont need excuses, just lessons.

Lesson learned: Early, players are not time vested and will not fold a hand when over 40% of their chips are in.

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smokkee said...

yo Columbo,

thx for playin' the Bodonkey.