Sunday, September 09, 2007

who do you want to be today?

who do you want to be?
who dp you want tto be today, do you wanna be just someone on TV?
just like somebody on TV!

Friday night I played a 20 table MTT and a 5 table MTT online... I have been playing too tight lately and decided I was playing for chips. I was going to work on chip accumulation and taking volatility. I squeeked inside the bubble on each, giving myself a chance, but coming up short.

Last night was league night month 2. I had a lousy month 1 outing and needed to place in the top 8 this week (30 players). I am taking flops early, trying to outplay opponents, but missed alot of flops and worked my 10000 down to 8500 when we were down to 16.

I lose a battle to a short stack when I decide to push pre-flop with TT and the limper calls and hits his King on the turn. Had I run stop-n-go, I could have pushed him out on the flop. I have about 6k left. (Note: I really like the Stop-N-Go heads up where statistically, players miss the flop 2/3rds of the time)

Then this hand... Much frustration and unable to get good cards, I make a late position steal raise with 63o. The BB, a solid player capable of making a big laydown, goes into the tank. He is also short stacked, even worse than me at 3k. Eventually, he calls and takes the flop.
The flop is AA9. I figure there are only 2 dangerous hands and I am ahead of everything else. Ax 99. (He took too long for AK). ANY other hand, and he is force to fold to a push. With 2 big aces on the flop, the only holding I fear is 99. I put him all in and him calls with the 99. Argh.

I am crippled down to 3k. I go reckless and am moving in any chance I get. I boldly declare I am coming with any Ace, pair or just 2 paint. After about 3 rotations of this, I have chipped back to nearly 9k! (Q of .5).

I even take a flop against the much tighter Scott, who raises pre-flop with what I expect is a decent pair. I call with KQs and the flop is K-high. When he pushes, I go with my original read and make the call. He had QQ and was crippled. He was shocked I made that call. I was shocked he played what amounts to middle pair, that fast. It was a dangerous play, much more dangerous than my taking the flop. Especially with my current image.

I continue this short stack recklessness as we go short-handed, threatening to make anyone who calls play for it all. Someone finally calls me, and I not only am ahead, but it holds. No one has noticed, but I move to the final table with 18k in chips. Q of .75

From here, I am again aggressive when I play a hand, but much more selective now that I am at a full table again. Although I am the short stack the ENTIRE time at the final table, I survive. I am practically dodging bullets, as I make 3 pre-flop laydowns with big hands. All three I would have been behind or a dog. A couple of times I am "willing to die" to win a hand, and get the other guy to fold.

I play well, am conscious of position, and kill off a short stack. I have nearly 40k with 5 left (pays 4). Stacks at the table range from 40k to 80k, with 2 players (1 is me) with 40k. The other previous short stack who killed me with 99 is now about 65k in chips.

LOTS of stealing now, and not much re-stealing. Most steals are legit and I have slowed way down. But after 3 rotations, I am reluctant to bleed to death. I post the BB of 4k (go time) and it folds around to the button who bets 10k. I want to play against this guy for 3 reasons.

1. when he is in position, he ALWAYS bets when its checked to him. I can use that.
2. He probably has an Ace.
3. I look down at JJ.

Now, with him putting 25% of his stack in, I expect he calls if I push. I once again wish to go to my play-book for the stop n go and hope for an non-ace flop. I make the call and then flop comes Ten high, with 3 spades. There is no way he can call a big bet, but I check to allow him to bet again before I spring the trap. He bets 10k, I push, he insta-calls with A8 of spades. oops. I bubble.

Still, a sound performance. 5th, when with 19 left, I was the short stack.

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