Monday, November 12, 2007

SNG progress

I recently moved up to the $20 1 table SNG. I find the competition competent at best. So far, I finished 2 out of 4 in the money. On one where I did not, I clearly made a strategic error. With 6 left, I call a raise pre-flop from the only stack bigger than mine and I flop TP and get into trouble. But I can clean up that mistake, which is very rare for me. I felt down right silly. The other flame-out was unremarkable, just losing a big pot early and being on the defensive until losing a race.

Speaking of which, I had my ugliest heads-up loss ever last night when I had 10k in chips vs. 4k and chips and went on to LOSE. Including in that results, of course, is one good suckout by the opponent. After that, the cards just went his way and I made a second best hand twice. Ugly.

I want to play more Stud 8/B but have not had the time. When I watch this game in the card room, I see one of two situations. A bunch of people playing S8B and money getting pushed around the table, or B, a S8B game where there are clearly players who dont play well and the others are picking them off. Remind you of hold'em 3 years ago?

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