Sunday, December 02, 2007

back in the saddle

After a week off for family vacation, and a week of week online finishes, I sat down at my WSOP satallite league game on Friday and played well. I went into month 5 (of 10) the points leader, and took 4th last night. That means that the WORST I could be right now is 2nd place. (the player right behind me was in the final 3, and needed to finish 2nd to pass me). Either way, I am well on my way to a $1500 seat.

This is a big deal for me, as I stated a LONG time ago that I would never pay full price for a WSOP entry. Why? Here is my logic: If I am not good enough to win a seat or satellite, then I am not good enough to play in the event.

Next week is the WPBT Blogger gathering, and attendence is HIGH! 120 people at least. Awesome. I will continue my tradition of dinner on Friday at the Hoffbrau house (across from Hard Rock). Anyone else interested?!

I am flying home late Sat after the tourney though, to make it back for the Lions / Cowboys game. After watching the Lions today, however, 6-10 looks possible.

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Chad C said...

Wudda cooooooooooler AQ soooooted vs KK.

As a fellow "Detroiter" I cannot believe you did not see this collapse coming. These are the Lions afterall and they just suck at life!