Friday, January 11, 2008

Is Something Wrong???

I accomplished my "donkey challenge goals" for 2007. Work my bankroll on PS to 3x and cash in a run of 7 out of 10 SnG (I made a run of 10 straight).

I have but 2 goals for 2008:

1. Play in a WSOP event without paying full buy-in
2. Win a blogger game each night of the week. This means win at least once, The Hoy, Skillz, Mookie, and Riverchasers.

After a strong finish in my local WSOP league (well on my way to #1 already being done), I expected to have a healthier bankroll on FT. But I really dont. I am about where I was this time last year. And this week, I had lame results in the blogger games. I bubbled out of the money in the Hoy, Bled to death in Omaha Tuesday, Had my usual lame results in the Mookie, and with AQ on the button, vs the BB, flopped an Ace. Only to see the BB had AK. So there goes $50 right out the window.

I wonder if I am just not playing that great. I seem to be overly patient and when I do make a move, it seems poorly timed. I guess I can't judge on only a week, but I have an inkling that I my brain may be only partially engaged due to the large amount of folding in NLHE.

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