Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Most Obvious WORDS OF WISDOM ever for poker

When you are running bad, DONT PLAY RAZZ. And if you are playing HORSE, good freakin luck.

Interestingly enough, I did cash in a SnG. My secret this time? Dont get sucked out on until there are 3 left.


pokerpeaker said...

Actually, I PREFER Razz when I"m running bad. The Donk plays and going for the worse hand really seems to jolt me back into a winning mode, or at least a "stop the bleeding" mode.

pokerdonkey said...

Hey, any ideas on the next AIPS tourney?? I finally got all set-up on Fulltilt and can't find any info on those tourneys?? Please if possible please forward any information about AIPS or other private tournays on fulltilt to email: kvnpriest@yahoo.com. THANK YOU!! I love the site and your segments on Ante-up!!