Sunday, January 04, 2009

League Night

Last night was league night, a 21 player affair which is perfect for playing long-ball. Just one problem, I had 4 playable hands all night, and 3 of them I had to laydown pre-flop to two re-raises. (both times I had JJ and folded to KK and AA).

I only made one debatable fold. I have only 1800 in chips left and I post the BB of 600. I say to myself, "I guess I am committed" and the UTG raises to 1600. A tighter player at a full tables of 10. The buttons calls. I have 9To and should have called, but folded instead to what I expect was JJ,QQ,KK, or AA. (The flop, ironically, was T43).

I had not been this card dead in a while. The 4th hand I eluded to was AJs and after totally missing the flop, I c-bet AND fired a second bullet on the turn, which was called. I folded on the river.

Despite starting 7 handed, I could find no places to "make a move" due to the small blind structure where players would make calls with a wide range. I never hit better than bottom pair all night. I just folded my way to what I expect was about 16th. Like a tiger in a cage, all I could do was pace back in forth in front of the bars. Ugh.

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