Friday, July 17, 2009

Just one more thing

By the way, I was just listening to the Ray Foley interview on Ante-up and he said something during hand of the week that was both common-knowledge and yet worth repeating.

When you have position and you raise a c-bet post flop and the c-betting CALLS you, he will rarely lead out or try to re-take the lead in the hand.

Then, I get to re-evaluate on the turn, where the OOP player does not.

This is a persuasive argument for raising c-bets with good but not great hands instead of looking for trying to control the size of the pot. (like with a 2-1 draw)

If I were to CALL the c-bet from the button and the c-better fires a second barrel, I would be forced to fold marginal hands now.

I found it interesting to contemplate.

Barry Greenstein said a similar thing in his book. He stated the raising the c-bet was the better move.


matt tag said...
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matt tag said...

love this play, you can buy yourself a cheap river card on a flush draw.

Say you're four to a flush on the flop, he bets, you raise, he calls.

Turn comes, he checks, you check.

River comes (flush, hopefully).

Doing it this was is usually less money in the pot than than if the lines were bet/call, bet/call.

Plus, he might fold to the flop raise!

One last point, if you do this and players start catching on (like in a home game where you see the same players over and over again), then you need to raise your strong hands on the flop, too (like when you flop a set), instead of just calling. Otherwise, you're always playing weak hands fast and strong hands slow.