Monday, February 08, 2010

Good to Great

Here it is for the millionth time. A perfect example of what is keeping my from being an elite player.

3 table MTT (league night). I have played well all night, making only 1 poor decision. Folded when I should have called, so a minor mistake. There are 4 left and the blinds are 1500/3000/100 and I have 6ok, tied for second in chips.

LOTS of raise, all fold action, so I make a comment about flops and limp with JT. The blinds both call.

Flop is 886 and all players check. The turn is a TEN. check, small bet, and I look at the player on my right with only $33k behind. The pot is $10k. I bet $33k, to put the player on my right (BB) all in. I do this as a signal to the SB that this hand is ending here and I am going to knock the BB out.

But the SB ruins my plans and CALLS $33k. Now I have $30k behind and a blank falls on the river. But I am stuck. He smiles and says all in. He obviously has an 8 and I call anyways because the pot is big and I have 60% of my chips in there.

I could not have played this hand worse. The $30k bet is amateurish, and the crying call when I had 15BB left was atrocious.

Still, we try and learn and soldier on.


NumbBono said...

Yeah, in a spot like this, it's a decent idea to assume that anytime you VPIP, you better be prepared to get it all in with the blinds so high.

The luck factor at this point is something you just have to deal with.

Limping allows a third of the remaining other players to see a flop for free, and that person has revealed nothing about their hand as limps and calls with big hands in the blinds can be more common at this point in the tourney than earlier on (full table).

Noticed just the other day on Facebook that you're on the Detroit Lions Mailing List. Huh, small world. I've been on that list since 1994. I'm the guy that posts quite a bit of negative things these days. They're all correct though, as there's not much positive to write about the Lions at the moment. Then everyone gives me crap for being so negative, and I defend my writing, and people hate me because there's a lot of "rose colored glasses" types of people on there.

直到遠遠 said...
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columbo (at eifco dot org) said...

Numbono = Ian?