Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's about the gaze...

Peer deeply into my eyes...

Apparently, when someone goes all slack jaw and blank while staring and thinking at the flop, this is an indication that they are an expert.  Not because of what it accomplishes, but because why it happens.  "Change Blindness" and other psychological indicators are physically apparent.  This also give credence to tells "when there are no tells". 

It also seems to that by emulating that behavior, you are more likely to pick up the "affect of the effect".  i.e. Some of the reason this is done should rub off.   Although the more you know, the smaller the gap.

Today's Psychoanalysis is now complete.  Put down your wet rags and go back to your lives.

And remember to get the Durrrr look on your face.

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