Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Transperancy and suck-age Part 2 (2nd hour)

First hand back, AK in BB.  Cutoff makes it 240 (3x).  I re-raise to 600.  He folds.

Hmmm, I fold 4h5h from UtG+2 when UtG+1 makes it 3x.   Awfully conservative, but with 5 more players with position, it would be wishful thinking that I could call here.  And I am not raising.  So I fold.  So does everyone else.  Oh dear.

Hmmm, rotation later UtG limps, so I limp behind (UtG+1) with with 88.  Flop is 24T so I bet 200 into 350 after UTG and BB checks.  Re-raised all-in for 540 by BB and UTG limper folds.  Must call.  He has Q4 for middle pair and I win a pot but I can hardly call this an interesting hand.

Flop bottom pair in the BB vs. single limper.  He c-bets 100 into 350, so I  check-call.   But when he bets 300 on turn, I check-fold.  Again, very conservative.  (the next hand, 2 players go broke at the table AK,AQ,JJ pile their money in pre-flop with the AQ CALLING the other 2 all-ins!)

Folded to me in cutoff and I fold A9o.  Meh.  No good can come of it at 50/100.
I also fold AJo UtG+1, without apologies. 
(Interesting Hand #6) When I get AJo in the BB and that guy from the last hand (when I flop bottom pair with 23) makes it 3x, I reraise him this time.  Oops, he calls.  Flop is Q38 with 2 hearts and I check, he also checks.  Turn is a 7 (non-heart).  I lead out for 900 (into 1700) and he folds!  Phew. (AJ also?  AK?  middling pair?  Who can say?)  I had to bet to win, vs. getting a better hand to fold rule.

Hmmm, fold 33 to a raise of 480 (I have 5700) in Hijack because I think its a bad spot and too many chips.  Cutoff makes it 1200.  Nice fold me.

Make it 3x with AQs UtG, no callers.

Same guy on my right raises AGAIN and I fold 66, Cutoff AGAIN re-raises (all-in) and this time he calls.  He had ATs and the cutoff KK. Lame.

Easy Fold KJ UtG.

(#7) Cutoff raises to 565, I re-raise from SB to 1700,  Cutoff thinks and shoves with QhJh???  Hope-a-tron!  Snap-call with AA holds up.

Get frisky with my image and raise from MP (First in)  to 500 with 7c8c and all folds.  300 chips for me.

Call Button min-raise from BB with KdTd.  Flop is Ah6h9d.  I check, he bets 400 and I sit and think.  But fold. -400 chips for me.

Folds around to me on button and yet I still fold 5To.  Gimme a T... Gimme an I...  Gimme a G...

Battle of the blinds and I have Ac7c.   I flop TP AND 2 clubs.  He leads out for min but he only has $1800 behind?  What do I even do here?   He is WAY behind, but every card will be an over.  I just shove hoping to look like the naked flush draw.  He tanks, but eventually folds.  (Note: avg is 7.7k, so what does he lead out with here?  Napkins I assume?)

At second break, I have $10.8k, Avg is 8.3k  (Q=1.2ish)   575 of our now 1588 runners left (pays 189).

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