Friday, September 10, 2010

Thoughts and Notes

Job hunting has been "fun", but I am glad its coming to a close.  I have 3 or so viable ones in the final stages, plus a couple of backups in the pipeline.  Overall, I expect to be working and saying goodbye to the daily $42k sometime in the next 30 days.

I'll miss that daily practice, albeit at the $24 level.  I decided that my future play will be at the next level or higher ($69+) from now on.   This is a big change (moving up levels), but in forays into the higher levels, things have gone relatively well.

In other thoughts...

I wanted to play at an online casino so I looked up online casinos and found as a site that lists a few.  Should be an interesting site to watch going forward.

Its interesting that Harrah's has not surfaced in DC as of yet, but I am expecting it soon after the election.
I expect some sort of online poker in the US, but you must be a US owned and operated Brick and Mortar casino to get a license.  This will all but crush the offshore entities for about a year as they scramble to find a way to land a beachhead.

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