Thursday, August 23, 2012

This week in Poker

Variance ate me alive this week, resulting in a negative swing in the bankroll. In all cases but one, I got my money in ahead. In the last case I was about a 5-1 dog getting 4-1 and reluctantly made the a call on the river (in Omaha, if you call the flop, you are often calling the turn).

So, to recap: Poker sucks, first losing session of Omaha ever, week long tilt.

Oh, and this small thing happened: A federal judge in New York ruled that poker isn’t gambling under federal law because it’s primarily a game of skill.

Holy pocket aces! Ok, in the grand scheme of online poker, this is really not relevant. BUT, it does mean that home games can not be prosecuted, nor can running games be considered racketeering. Which is semi-significant.

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Justin said...

anyone who isn't in his first week of PLO and can say 'first losing week ever' is doing pretty well!