Friday, August 03, 2012

wat I lernd tooday

"You want to manage the size of the pot to the predicted strength of your hand on the river. In other words: grow the pot with value hands (where you will tend to have a pretty strong hand on the river naturally), and with hands that will make strong hands on the river with some frequency (decent draws). This is sometimes misinterpreted as aggression? Turn missed draws into bluffs some % of the time. Try pot-control with hands of medium or mediocre strength."

"Playing game theory optimal/equilibrium strategies is "playing defense." Estimating your opponents' strategies and trying to exploit them is "playing offense." The first important fact here is that playing defense ignores your opponents. You only want to play defensively when an opponent is exploiting your play."

Hand Tactics should include situational awareness. (position, image, stacks, opponents) and often come into view pre-flop.

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