Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I'm gonna sing the doom song - GIR

When to sing the doom song:
1. When you make a boat and you get blindsided by a wired pair turning quads. You are not going to get away from your boat.

2. Set over set. Anyone who folds a set to a SUSPECTED set is probably your mom.

3. An overpair vs a bigger overpair on a rainbow flop of all under cards.

Let me paint you a picture:

You have a big pocket pair, say KK. There is a 3xBB raise from UtG. You make it 6xBB and the UtG is the only caller. The flop is T82 rainbow. He Checks and you bet out 1/2 the pot. He smooth calls.

Does he have JJ, QQ or AA? You are just never going to know. Why? Because it is incorrect to fold ANY of these hands at this point. The ONLY thing you have to go on is the Check-call which is the SIGNATURE move of the amateur with the big hand. But, he would do that with QQ too thinking he was ahead! So where are you? Going broke, that's where. Sing the doom song.

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