Monday, August 07, 2006

FT 25k recap

Entered with a peep sex token

1443 players

In levels 1&2 only played post flop with big hands. One was nice, flopped nut straight and he doubled me up...

Level 3, I am the chip leader

Level 4, I play 6d7d from MP and the flop is 3d8cTd. I have a gut shot and a flush draw for 11 outs (no overs). There is 1K in the POT and the other player goes all-in for another 1k. At this point I have 8.5k of my 9k left (500 invested). Do I call? No. SHOULD I call???? I got alot of opinions here, most of them yes.

I was about 40% to win the hand assuming my outs were pure. (If he was on a BIGGER flush draw, then I basically have 3 pure outs (9 if he has like AKs) and I am probably behind). If he is not on a draw, then I am 40% to win 3-1 and should call. I read him as Ad8d and therefore could not call, thus saving myself any embarrassment from responses to this post.

At the break I am 13th, my M is 47 and my Q is 2.6

I am folding alot through a card dead phase. At the 80/160 level I am 23/579 (135 pays).

Called a raise from the blind with T9o. Hit the T for top pair but its an ALL heart board. I bet pot though and he calls all-in with just the A of hearts. More chips for me.

Made a min raise with 89o and just the blinds call. Flop the ever loving nuts on a rainbow board. 567 rainbow. I make a min bet and the BB comes over the top for 1/2 his stack. I quickly go all-in remembering a trick I heard from a pro interview where he said he bet quickly before the guy had a chance to process the information. Sure enough, he calls and I am 4th out of 456 left.

Antes start

AKo raise preflop, continuation bet of 1/3 pot and he comes over the top BIG. I fold.

I watch as KK vs AA happen 3 times at my table. No hands with me though.

I get moved again. 150/300/25 and I am 28th/319

Second break. 16/230

I flop bottom pair on a AT7 board. I play WAY too passively and let 88 take it from me.

QQ 2 hands later and use my weak play indicating that if I bet I must have something
when KJx flops. I bet like I have the K and he folds.

156 left and I fold KJo pre-flop to a raise from my right.

UtG Ako (UGH)
I make a min raise of 2xBB (this was a mistake, I KNOW)
button and BB call.
flop is 334 and BB checks, I check and button OVERBETS the pot. FOLD.

Lose 2k to BB short stack when I try to steal his blind and it goes bad. He wakes up with AK.

We are at the bubble. MP short stack goes all in for 3k. Stack DIRECTLY to his right with 4k also goes all-in. I have AKo and decide to CALL. I should RAISE here, but I call. Then, the BUTTON calls.
The flop is 332. I check (with 2 all ins)
and HE BETS (as sure sign I am beat)
he flips up 66, and the two all-ins flip up QQ and AQ.
the 66 player apologized for betting after the hand. "he forgot not to".
(the ace or king did NOT fall on the turn or river).

But thanks to that hand, I am back to AVERAGE. Now, the old me would have NEVER played a hand with 2 all-ins in front of him. And I think I should not have played this one... BUT, I did have a 50/50 chance of winning 4 TIMES my investment. How can I be sorry I played the hand?

In the money. I am 49/130

Play 44 for a 2xBB raise (TOO SMALL AT THIS POINT) and get called by the BB. flop is 6QQ and I decide to bully him if he checks. When he checks, I push and he calls showing Q6. The CASE queen falls on the river to mock me.


Anonymous said...

Wow, was the sudden ending of that post meant to simulate the sudden ending of your tournament?

I'm finding it very hard to keep my concentration online for more than an hour. I need to figure out how to get that patience back.

It's easier in person because I can occupy my mind by talking to people (and reading them as well)... home alone, on the computer, man....

columbo (at eifco dot org) said...

I am loath to admit it, but I often pop in a movie (in a window) during the early rounds and pause it when I have a decision to make. At those stages, I am not taking notes on players yet... said...

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