Monday, January 29, 2007

Event #1 WPBT

So, I take down a big hand by cracking Aces with A4o. Why? The player with AA give me a free card on the flop to make a gutshot with a 3. The turn is a 3 and he goes broke.

Immediately I am moved to another table and within one rotation I get my first and only AA of the night. A player comes in for about 3xBB and I pop it double + a blind for a total of 7xBB. All fold back to our player who calls with position. The flop is KJT. Dangerous? Yes. But what do I expect to be against here. I put in a pot size bet, and he goes all in. I have him covered and even if I lose, I have a slighter larger than average stack. I am 4th place right now, but taking down this hand would surely make me the chip leader.

I figure him for AK or KQ and call. He has KJ. Surprised? I was. But is that really that unlikely. His call of my challenge could be any big Ace, a pair of Queens, AQ (in which case I was totally stupid if that is in my realm of possible hands) and KQ is more likely than AK here. KQ is a very likely holding as it would be TP AND a st8 draw. As is AQ. I would call the KQ as a favorite and would pay off the perfect flop for AQ. I did not see KJ coming.

So, I soldier on, but go card dead. I actually make the bubble by out folding 3 other players (so I'll get some points). I was battling GCOX for 30th for a while. After my defeat, I went to go watch the Simpsons. Aftwardwards I check back and its down to the final 3. And one of them is GCOX!!! OMG. (Never give up, never surrender.)


FishyMcDonk said...

when what where is the next one? Is there a calendar somewhere?

GaryC said...

Never give up indeed. I think outfolding a good number of people is a very underrated asset.

Great tourney.


Wwonka said...

Great playing with you.


peacecorn said...

I can't believe I missed this. Damn. Now I'm going to have to play some serious catch up with the points.