Monday, April 27, 2009

A tale of 2 tournaments

I blew off the Lions VIP draft party and instead played a deep stack live MTT. $20k in starting chips, 35 minute levels. I played LOTS of small ball, but after the lunch break, I had not won any "large" pot. Made some great plays, but its not the same as building chips. I recall one time I think I gave a player too much credit for a brain and made a value check-raise on the river with the nuts. He called it with TPTK (I had a well disguised back-door flush), but maybe I should have went for his stack. [I am STILL thinking about this]

On Sunday, I signed up for the BRIT MTT but because BWW advertised wireless even though it did not work, I had to move. By the time I logged in, I missed 30 minutes and my starting stack was now 980 chips. You start with a lean 1500 and its an exercise in chip utility. "Come high or stay home." So I played UBER aggro poker and danced my way to the final table, being the short stack the ENTIRE WAY. Them, I LOST my connection for 10 minutes again, and when I got back there were only 7 left. I eventually went out 6th, losing a race with AQ vs. a middle pair. Not bad, eh?

Last night I watched High Stakes Poker (You got Durr'd). That kid is amazing. But the real story is Patrick Antonius. You watch him play, and you watch a guy who is building a story of your betting as you play. Just amazing.

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