Thursday, April 02, 2009

I'm gonna win the Mookie...

That is what I was saying to myself last night as I played. I was in the groove and making good decisions. I had an above average stack and then my KK fell to AJ. Back to 1/2 of average. But instead of resigning myself to a bad finish and going to bed, I remembered what Ferguson said. "Many players give up after a tough beat. Good players dont". and I didn't.

Again I built my stack to way above average and again a major setback. AA cracked by 77.

Again I built my stack up and this time with about 18 left, a MP raised, and a short stack shoved. I have KK. I need to come over the top here. If the MP folds (which is likely) I have isolated a player who might have shoved with AK and I have squeezed extra equity out of the original raiser. If the original raiser has any hand but AA and he calls, now I have both the main pot and side pot I can win. But alas, the MP DID have AA and again I am the short stack.

Despite all this, I eeked into the final table to cash in 9th. Kudos to Blinders who somehow played just 3 hands (can you say shove and pray?) and took a stack shorter than mine and lasted past my departure.

Also of note: I stay disciplined and folded many baby pairs from early position (utg).

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