Friday, February 17, 2012

Found an excellent paper in my desk

As my skills rust, and news regarding any online poker look like they are in the 2012 range, its always fun to find good skill reminder notes. Here is an excellent list I put together after a session online, which I recently reflected on:

Preface: Position > Cards > Chips > Position. Old news.

1. Stop calling to just see flops. You cant play poker to just hit flops. Well you can, but its "flop-trap" poker and it only works in low-limit cash games. If you want to win tournaments, you need to win hands.

2. To win hands, you need to play hands. RAISE with your decent hands from LP because your cards and position will be ahead of their RANGE. This forces opponents to play larger pots when you have the edge. Assuming you remember #1 above! We tend to get out of this solid habit because of "early round" syndrome.

3. River bets are telling.

Honorable mention (mostly because I NEVER do this): Don't play Ax when deep from OOP after a limper. Statistics show that nothing good will happen here.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

WSOP schedule out

Say what you want about the % of juice in the WSOP MTTs, you have to give them credit for evolution. Not just the demise of the November 9, but adding additional events (including a HO), and twice daily Deep-stack cash MTTs to compete with Venetian. It's a cornucopia of poker regardless of the days you are there.

May 27 through July 16, 2012 at the Rio, so rumors about Caesars will have to wait another year.

I'll admit though, I wanted to see MORE shootout events. This year, there is just event 14 (@ $1500).