Thursday, July 19, 2012


Ok, so I like Omaha, so shoot me. Last night, I sat down at the weekly low level donk Omaha table and due to a lack of practice and a guy misplaying a hand which resulted in me deciding to call off the remainder of my stack with bottom set, I started $250 after the first hand. But as with Omaha, correct play almost always profits over time.

Despite its reputation as an action game, there are fewer suckouts in Omaha and you really do have a better chance utilizing the math because there are fewer "races".

I do have a tricky question though. Game loosens up and guy opens for $10. Stacks are from $200-$500 ish. Caller. Caller, next guy POTS to $45 pre-flop. This would be the biggest pre-flop of the night. Everyone is CALLING NOW with their speculative hands. Gets around to me and I have JdJhAs7s and I expcet this to be a 6 way pot ($275 pot). If I call here to see a flop, am I playing this hand profitaby knowing I either have to flop TOP SET or a nut flush draw to even continue the hand?

btw: I DID call and flopped nothing of the kind and folded.

I ended up grinding it back up to a marginal profit of about $100, but the game really loosens up at 10pm or so. I should have stayed for the most profitable hours, but I was tired and I play poorly when I am tired.

I also caught some grief for the term "Re-Pot" from one player, who wanted to know why I could just say "Pot" again. This is the stupidest thing I ever heard, as clearly communicating intent at the table avoid future issues.

Here's another weird thing. Lousy loose player sits down and starts spewing. I have JJxx and the flop is J32 rainbow. Someone bets $10, calls around to me and I POT. On this board, EVERYONE KNOWS what I have?! Folds around to spewer, who CALLS! turn is a 7, I pot he folds. Here is the fun part.
He says (to the table, not me) "I know you have Jacks here".
And I reply "Then why did you call?"
Spewer: "If you dont know why, then you dont understand Omaha".

Even with (2233), he is looking for a 2 outer for $135 call (see comments). This is what happens after 10pm at low stakes Omaha.

I swear the play is consistently bad through the night, but late-night its a fountain of mistakes.