Wednesday, August 07, 2013

catching up

Continuing to work on Level 3 of my game. I feel more out of place at the low stakes cash tables now, and dropped a bullet in Omaha last Wednesday.

This past weekend was the first league night of the season and it started out with a bang. Lots of players dropped early, and I doubled up when I got JJ in vs. QQ and AT. EP all-in short stack, MP all-in from a stack about 60% of my size. I push with JJ to shut anyone else out. Marginal play, but I did not expect to see QQ based on what I knew.

With maybe 16 left, I find myself grinding. but with 12 left, I find myself with 2 giant stacks on my left and no cards. I would try to open pots with KJs or A8 and just get 3 bet smacked in the face. One hand I had like KJ and the flop is 9 high. I am pretty sure he has A-high. Shove? well, now consider its 10% of his stack to call me shove and he puts me on air. Still shoving? Tough spots I just could not avoid. Finished 10th.

Better run next month.