Monday, January 28, 2019

$250 MTT revisited

$250 MTT, (123 runners at the start)

early levels strategy: Plan to stay away from EP and big pots with pairs.

AQo, called button 3bet. checked gutter. did not bluff turn.

min raise AJo intending to not call 3 bet... cbet vs BB

JTo call raise OOP, check-fold.

in the BB with 77, folded when button 3 bet MP.

KJs button with UTG limp, raise. flop st8... (no action)

min raise A7s, will fold to 3bet. flop A, EP check calls. pot turn on two flush board draw board. EP folds.

min raise AJs UTG intending to fold to 3bet. BB calls. cbet and call... turn str8 with nut flush draw. I bet he folds.

88 cutoff, raised by hijack... 3 bet to 825 in cutoff. villain folds.

BREAK (20K, I am 100th/295 runners)

UTG 3x raise, fold A6s

66 raise 2.5x utg+1, 3 callers. MEANT to cbet dryish flop, but missclick checked, folded to bet and calls.

folded to me in cutoff and I fold 5dTd. I must be card dead as I considered playing it.

125/250/25 @ 18880... just not getting hands.... so KJo in BB looks better than it is... utg+1 min raise. so, I 3 bet to 1500.
I then c-bet 9high board and take it down.

next hand, QJo in SB and folded to button who raises. this time call, which is debatable and BB comes too. I check middle pair on flop, might be able to call bet? checks through, then ACE. UGH, so BET and hope to take it down here. Who has Ace here,right??? Villain folds.

9Ts in hijack, open raise. BB calls. flop 2 hearts, so cbet.

I fold 98o in the BB to some std open.

back to card dead... 22 on button vs utg raise. folded. could have 3 bet here, but was worried about stack size, namely mine. But I really should have considered it longer. If it was MP, I like it better.

BREAK 250/500/50 @ $21k - I am 169th/339 (pay 90)

44 in cutoff, open raise. folded to 3x 3bet. Was larger sizing and I have small pair. ugh.

55 in BB w/30BB. I call min raise, then bet out T high flop (with clear range advantage). villain folds.

again fold A6s vs open? (turns out fold was way good)

JTo in utg+1 (folded)

I have KJs in SB... 25BB... But choose to fold to opener.

Open KJo in hijack, but button flats, BB calls. T88 and decide not to C-bet. checks through??? Turn is a 9 and now I have a draw. I call a bet. bingo on river. he bets, I shove just over pot. too much? Villain folds.

A5s cutoff open 2x. folds through.

A9o in SB, Hero 3-bet button raise. button folds.

AJs utg+2, I open 2.2x, 3bet by BB...again fold... I really took note here... was I just shutting down? Should I at least CALL here with position??? I think I should have, YES.

I raised A5s from hijack. SB called. Flop 9JQ rainbow. I c-bet despite knowing almost any hand will call with something. Turn gave 4 to str8 (T) and I eventually folded to a large river bet.

Now 19 BB...deep also made a note that the cutoff raised my BB for second time...
BREAK 177th/238. $21k, $37 is avg. 800/1600/160, pay 99

K9s in SB with just 11 BB... folds to button who shoves... I re-shove as I cant fold this good of a hand to a button shove. Villain hits flop and holds.
finish 193rd/486

I played way too conservative when I got under 40BB?

Monday, January 07, 2019

Frustrated in the New Year's $250 MTT

I played a big $250 online MTT that racked up over 400 runners... Never had I folded so many hands in my life. I recorded the entire thing with notes, thinking there would be some great hands to go through... Instead I paid $250 to fold cards for 3 hours. So, how bad was it? (In 3 hours, never a pair higher than 88 and not a single AK)

I am going to do some processing on Wednesday and review with the coach and see if there was any escape. I dont see it. I think I played as close to mistake free as ever and have zero (-$250) to show for it.