Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Post for the sake of post

I changes leagues this year. Both leagues now have a main event first prize. One league is 45 players (I finished top 10) and the other is a new league to me with 27 or so players. The smaller league started in August, and I finished 6th. Not as good as it sounds as I was card dead for an entire MTT but hit a 1 outer for a Straight Flush halfway through the night. Still, good to have the score.

I like the larger field of 5 tables as I always feel like in a 3 table there are never enough chips in play to survive the middle levels without taking on risky spots.

Overall, I have been doing much more range analysis (but NOT construction) and GTO study. I am interested in both, but consider them both more flawed than many other players. I think the optimal strategy is to disguise exploitative play as GTO, and that is what I am aiming for...

I have also been "experimenting" with scenarios where building a pot artificially adds fold equity. I am trying hard to not narrow ranges on either side too quickly either. I used to do this a TON (try to narrow villain ranges) and it often just narrowed MY ranges. Now I think much more about how much money I want in the pot at showdown against the ranges as I see them. Complicated stuff.