Monday, April 23, 2012

What a year has done

Last year, I won my league outright and started strong this league year. But as I play only 2-3 a month now, I find myself making mistakes that seems to be from lack of experience. Not stupid mind you, but if you do something wrong over the course of a MTT and you fix it for the next one, that is learning. If you make a mistake and then a month later make another mistake, you are trapped in a feedback loop that is too large to be helpful.

$200 live MTT:

Level is 300/600/75 and I still have about $18k of my starting $20k. Despite my best efforts, I had to lay down a number of hands (correctly in all cases). So now, its costing me $1500/round for an M of 12. UTG opens and I call in the BB with Jh9h. I am just defending my BB more than anything here, BUT the player who opened is not a stealer.

Flop comes down 9 high with 2 diamonds. He bets out $5k into a $2500 pot and I mistakenly hatch a plan. I am going to go with this hand hoping I am ahead but also bluff all-in if the 3rd diamond falls. So I call and when the 2d comes on the turn, I move in. He SNAP calls with TTd.

Would I SNAP call there? No, I am thinking it through. But enough about his TINY mistake. My large mistake comes from playing stupid 1/2 cash games and not a daily MTT. My gosh what a difference playtimes makes.