Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What has happened to poker?

Its really a shame to watch the interest in poker wane, but I see it everywhere but in Vegas. And even there, how much of the recent excitement is around the new online rooms and the poor players giving free money to the decent grinders?

I started the WSOP DVR shows and I still subscribe to the relevant podcasts, but my play has disintegrated over the last few months with a dismal showing in my recent two efforts.

If I were to introspectively venture a guess, I would say its related to not pulling the rip cord in a live game because I feel like I need to accumulate chips. So I value bet on a turn and the river (both just called) and get Top Pair 3rd kicker beat by top pair second kicker. Just not tournament level poker from me. In the past, I would work through the issues online. but now, I suffer in silence.