Monday, April 06, 2020

Pandemic update

Good news, Lots of donks in the MTTs.
Bad news, the mega-tilt when donks for 200BB get it in with TP and stack off to your over pair... and somehow spike trips.

Sure, its an age old complaint. And we want that call every time. But when you go 0 for 4 on a sunday, its stings. Still up for the year, still playing well, but man. Back to 2008 land-mine fields.

All that being said, signed up for the Learn Poker Pro site. The weekly session reviews and hand history reviews are really a good value for the bucks. Learned some more interesting things about GTO, but best of all, Ryan believes in using GTO to develop exploits instead of equilibrium, something I am also a big believer in.

...back to the bunker.