Friday, September 29, 2006

Stud hand FROM HELL

I am not a GREAT stud player, but I understand the basic premise. EXTRACTION. This is a game of punishing players for thinking that they might be ahead, when in fact, they are behind. I am in a field of 72 and I am in the top 12 the entire tournament. But with 24 or so left, this happens.

I am dealt (KK)7. After I bet, I get a call from (xx)K. Now, I HAVE to think he has a pocket pair here and not the case K. But get this. On 4th street, he is dealt a seemingly dead 7. Another player FOLDED a 7 and there is only one left other than this.

So, I have (KK)79 and he has (xx)K7. I HAVE to assume that he has a pocket pair like QQ or JJ or TT here because he thinks he is ahead, but not recklessly like with AA.

On 5th street, my alarm goes off and I go to check-call mode. BUT HOW CAN I BE BEHIND? And am I an idiot for going into check-call when I think I should be ahead?

He turns over the case King AND the case 7 for Kings up. I never improved and he takes what I considered my pot.

2/3 of my stack gone and the next hand I run my short stack QQx into what turns out to be AAx and just like that I went out.

BUT, I THINK I played well. ???


Anonymous said...

Who were you in the hand with? Do you have the hand history?? Id be interested in seeing it.

gadzooks64 said...

The best weapon in limit poker is the check call when you think you might be trouble but want to go all the way anyway.

You did the prudent thing once you thought you might be behind. You had outs to make two pair yourself (hopefully better than KK77).

I went out much sooner that I wanted to in that event. My AKA never improved and went down in flames (in check call mode after 5th), not to mention other promising hands that didn't improve or ran into monsters.

See you for Omaha!

Anonymous said...

Your last line describes how this novice stud player feels every time he wins a stud hand.

Christopher Cosenza said...

I made the decision going in that I would pick a hand, go with it and if I got a decent stack then I would speculate. I made a boat on my fifth card and capped it twice with a guy who had an AK2 board and couldn't get him off his Aces-up. He made a bigger boat on the river. I hate stud to begin with, but this just put a bad taste in my mouth. Two boats on the same hand. Later I had AAJJ to start (this was my final hand) and someone called my all-in with 9922. I had a nine on my board and someone else had a nine and a 2. The case two fell on the river to boot me out. Glad that's over with.

columbo (at eifco dot org) said...

I'll admit, I thought I played a heck of a stud game. And NO points.

Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

I would have gone for a cap from the get go to be honest. I'm going to try and push here..your poker instinct went off and you went into call if that alarm goes off..there will be another hand where it won't and you will feel better about it.