Monday, October 30, 2006

Who's the U-boat commander?

Sarcasm. Its the only thing getting me by today. 4 tournaments, 4 times eliminated with my money in ahead. SnG where my straight caught a guy with two pair willing to call any size bet, including my monkey push. He caught the 4 outer.

Then in the 180, after a poorly timed bluff (I misread his holding), I was short stacked and managed to get my 88 all in vs. 44. Never got past the flop. My own fault for bluffing at the wrong time, but I should have been able to recover.

so now I ask you. I MUST be doing something wrong. Its just really hard to figure it out when you are getting your money in ahead. I must look DEEP.


Anonymous said...

Variance variance variance. Calm down, it's only 4 tourneys.

Ninja said...

I don't know if you will see a comment on a post this old, but I am still digging through the archive...

I've been playing for about one year now. I've put in a lot of time, study, reading, etc.. A few months ago I took a string of bad beats in live games that really messed with me. Back to back tourneys at the local card house I got all of my money in preflop with KK and AA. And was cracked both times.

This had enough impact on me that I dramatically changed the way I played. I experienced some short term gains- but later realized I'd just started playing like "that lucky donk guy". Your blog brought me back actually.

I finally crossed the threshold into positive ROI play (not lifetime but I was positive every day for two weeks of 8+hour days). Then I had a streak over 2 days where I had my money in good and lost in SEVENTEEN of TWENTY tournaments.

It destroyed my bankroll, my moral, my faith in my play, my faith in myself, my faith in... I mean, it was horrible. I found myself ONCE AGAIN modifying my play towards donkitude.

Since then its been a struggle. I try to get back on track then hit a string of crappy beats (AA vs. J8 on the first hand and then JJ vs. TT on the first hand- and two buy-ins gone) and then I quickly start playing like a dumbass because I feel like I feel/wish/hope/something that I should be able to get paid going all-in with second pair also???