Thursday, February 14, 2008

the mookie has my number

I have been thinking in terms of situations of late, and a common one is "big hands early, then card death". Last night in the Mookie, I flopped DQB Kings to add a chunk to my stack, then doubled up on a flopped straight. So I am at $3500 while the average is still $1800.

Fast forward an HOUR. I am at $3200 with the avergage stack at $3200. Y-ouch. When I did have hands strong enough to play, I was more often than not faced with a bad situation. either the stakes were too large pre-flop with EP raisers, or I would move with 77 in MP and an LP would "play it away from me". Now in my defense, when I had 44 and the UtG at a full table suddenly raises 4xBB, I can safely discard my 44 from MP. And when my 77 sees a flop of AKx (where x<>7), and I am out of position, I am going to have to give up this hand if he is betting. And he was.

Even after the blinds passed me by, the 88 hand remained the apex of my cards whose summary can be stated as 88,77,44, and KJo. In the end, I just could not overcome that. Force to make a move, my A6 from MP ran smack into JJ in the next seat. There were many hands where I was unable to play because of pre-flop action, and everytime someone had a big hand.

This is the toughest of situations, as there really is no answer for a bad run of cards for over an hour. Especially when stealing isn't attractive due to the big hands being shown. Nevertheless, the tournament continues to replay in my head. I keep looking for an angle...

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