Friday, December 05, 2008

Strange Mental Stage

It's a week before the WBPT annual winter donk-fest, er pokergames and this one will be a strange whirlwind for me. Can't fly out until Friday, run over to the hardrock, after the MTT check in at MGM and play cash til 2am, then the blogger tournament on Sat. Almost seems like work... but its not.

Work has really dragged me down lately as I am used to being a big global IT executive and because of the state of affairs, I am a utility player at a small company.

In the meantime, I am either finishing strong or going out early in online tournaments. But the interesting part of my play on the last 2 weeks is that I have been killed by opponents hitting straights (sometimes flopped). It's almost like I have had straight blinders on. I have made a mental note of this pitfall and hope to stop falling in.

Last night an amazing thing happened. I won 2 races. both 33 vs. AK. I was on either end and won both. Will I run goot (sic) in Vegas?

This video shows my mental state:

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OhCaptain said...

Hopefully, I'll get to meet you in Vegas. See ya in a little less then a week.