Thursday, December 11, 2008

Weekend in Vegas schedule

2pm arrival- DASH over to the Hard Rock for the charity tournament (see link previous post). After its done, check into MGM hotel and find the WPBTers at MGM and play mixed games until I collapse from jet lag and time zone change differential.

Sat morning (note: morning = noon) - attend wedding (find wedding)

Saturday 2pm - set up pre-tournament surprise. Bounty cards! (I hate Waffles)

Saturday 3pm - Donkey, er, Blogger tournament

Saturday 8PMish - Hofbrauhaus! Praise be to the Germans! Deutscheland uber all, bitches! (unlike Biggestron, I AM German). Icht ben ein Deutche or something like that!

Saturday night - play the worst poker ever along with many others trying to play the worst poker ever.

Sunday morn - check out, lunch, plane and out.

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