Monday, December 15, 2008

Trip Report

What a blur my head is today. Friday, my plane arrived 30 minutes late, so I made it to the tournament with 15 minutes to spare. My first table had James VanZandt and Karina Jett. Lucky for me, they went out early. At the add-on, I have Michael Bingham (sp?). Then I played with Jeff Madsen and Kenna James. And finally at a table with Lee Watkinson. I played pretty well through most of the tournament, but made an interesting decision with 21 left which will be a future One Minute Mystery. I made the decision to overplay a hand because of the pot size, my stack size and the fact that the tournament only really played 3 places. I decided to risk looking bad rather finish something stupid like 8th. Could I have picked a better spot? You decide.

After that, I went and played mixed games at the MGM. I started by losing a big $60 pot on boat over boat, then the local grinder on my right starting giving me trouble. I had to stop drinking and win a couple of big pots, before he moved to another table. Had I not been there for fun, I would have made a better show of it, but I dropped another $60 to just plain loose play.

Then, I went to the bar and drank until I could drink no more. I was great seeing everyone again.

The Saturday wedding of Gracie and Sweet Pablo was alot of fun and Al Cant Hang did a great job. I have some video, which I will find a place to post soon. The tournament was a disappointment as I really wanted to win, but about 1/2 way through I got caught up in a bad spot. I have about 15k in chips and the blinds are 300/600. Bayne raises my blind to 1800 and I look down at 99. I suspect both a respectable hand and shenanigans, but my delay before raising to 4k apparently was enough for Bayne to instantly go all in. If he has Ax, I would be comfortable calling, but I made this same mistake in the last tournament. What if he has TT or JJ or AA (We saw ALOT of AA at our table). In the end, I fold and he shows the AK.

I never really got any momentum after that, with a run of bad flops and went out in the middle stages. Congrats to Maigrey (aka Poker Princess) for her well earned victory.

After that, it was sausage and beer at the hofbrau house with Byron, Alan (and his brother), Brian (StaticKling) and later by happenstance Grubette and friends. NEVER order the .25l beer at a beer hall or the ridicule for your "tiny beer" will have no end! (Also video to follow).

Finally, the celebration at the IP bar, where I think I cashed out first at 2am local time. I left MANY bloggers still there and lit up.

I wanted to go to the pinball museum Sunday morning before my flight, but the effects of 2 hangovers sent me packing.


Bayne_S said...

Good to see you Nemesis

OhCaptain said...

It was a pleasure meeting you this past weekend.

BrainMc said...

Did you win your entry from the freeroll Monday afternoon? You looked to be making a good comeback after I got the boot, thanks in no small part to you, LOL.