Monday, March 30, 2009

My biggest WSOP fear

FIRST HAND. 2 limpers. Raise with KK to 1/3 your stack. BUTTON CALLS.

FLOP is ten high, no draws. Perfect place to check and induce a bluff or shove from JJ/QQ.

Shove and easy call. Another overplay of AK. Perfect...

oops, IGHN.

Luckily for this, this was just another blogger event... But even if the stacks are $6k and I had 500 in there... Does even that make folding correct? com'on. You need chips and this is as good as it gets. Dodge 3 outs twice. What more can I ask for? (other than luck?)


Fuel55 said...

2007 Main Event, first hand:

Fuel raises to 600 UTG with 22. UTG+1 calls. Everyone else folds I think. Flop AJ2. I think to myself - did I just get fawked? A small pot brews with turn and river comes KQ. Villian turns over AJ.

Total pot was around 15% of our stacks.

Loren said...

First hand WSOP? Why the huge reraise preflop?

1/3 of your stack???

Keep it small, my man. You can't win a tourney in the first hand, but you can lose it there.