Monday, June 22, 2009

Highly debated hand - results

Man, did I take a BEATING on this one!!! You guys really, really think I played this not bad but pathetically. Maybe so. Here was my (albeit highly debatable) thoughts on the streets.

It was $50 to call and I look at 86o. I felt the guy came in weak, but I am not going to get hasty. I should just fold. I call.

Flop is Q86 as we said. He bets and I min-raise to "test" for the Queen. Although this worked, the min-raise gets little love and most players hate it. Lee Childs nudged me after the hand and called it out. Although he is more a proponent of standard bet sizes.

So love it or hate it, I didnt think at the time that more pressure gets the queen to fold and it did tell me what I wanted to know spending the minimum to do it. I think everyone out there but Daniel Negreanu hated it. In working back through it, I have to agree that blowing him off the hand was best. I was forgetting this was a SnG and that he might not be a gambling donkey like so many others I ran into this weekend. There is no doubt that at least the bet should have been POT and then...

The turn card is a terrible card and now he checks. Here is where I hated my play. When he checks, I really already let the draws get there OR I didn't. I can either trust my read that he has a Queen and blow him off the hand, or CHECK behind him instead of making a dark bet of 300. When he calls the turn bet, I gain nothing. It was wasted money.

So to complete the thought above... There is no doubt that I bet pot on the flop and if he calls that big of a bet, I shut down and check behind on that crappy turn card.

The river is now an easy check. The only smart thing I did. And I let someone get there because I played very cautiously (weak) in the early going.

Funny part is, I went on to chop first. Needless to say, I played the other hands MUCH better.

Thanks for all the comments, I really appreciate them. Especially the caustic ones. I had it coming here.

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