Saturday, March 26, 2005

Poker Tracker usage

I went to poker tracker to investiagte and look for leaks. My biggest mistake? Calling for 1/2 a bet from the SB, hitting a pair, and losing lots of money. Knowledge is power.

Also, it was VERY interesting to note that 90% of all my lost $$ (not lost hands) is when I only have one pair. So why is that? Mostly calling an all-in bet with top pair thinking the other player is on the come. In actuality, I am usually beat by a set or an over pair. This is a lay-down I am adding to my play. I am ALWAYS going to lay down TP to an all-in (assuming close sized stacks, me not desperate, etc) and see if my winng $$ and % goes up over the next few weeks. I bet it does.

My goodness is PokerStars indeed deserving of the nickname "RiverStars". Once again, no twice again, I lost on a river card on a big pot to an all-in hand who was a big dog.

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