Sunday, June 18, 2006

Crying in my beer

The blogger freeroll is over. Or it must be by now. I was unable to bring myself to watch the ending. I was devastated. Nearly 2500 entries and I played damn solid poker. I did not win any races all night because I never had to get in one. I got my money in ahead every time. I missed one pot for 10% of my stack because I called an all-in from a short stack with KJ and lost to his AQ. Other than that, I made one big weak questionable fold.

A player who was tight, raises big and another player gets all-in with him. He flips over JJ and wins to double up. He is suddenly more aggressive. I have AKs in the BB and when I raise it, he comes over the top all-in for ½ my stack. At this point in the tournament, I am DOUBLE average (Q of 2) and have PLENTY of chips and time. I make a very weak fold putting him on a BIG pair. He then starts going hog wild with the all in and about 30 minutes later is taken down by a QQ. He had 72o. Did he use his image to bully me off a potentially huge hand? Maybe, but I think it was a solid decision. Don't eat the peppered beef.

Then I go card dead. Fast forward to 125 left and I am stealing enough to survive. I play 56s in the BB and ESCAPE from the LP player who flopped a nut flush. I am freakin’ Houdini on that hand. But for the first time in the tournament, I am below average.

I may be on the ropes, but it gets worse as I am moved to a monster table that at one point has Absinthe, studio glyphic, Bill Rini, and is brutal. I make my way to 95th and can see a chance to squeak across the line drawn at 54. My Q is low, my M is brutal, but I have yet to make a large mistake in over 2 hours. After folding what was 7 hands in a row with a 2 in them, I get a gift. QQ in LP. Frank goes all in, but only has 1600 chips. Glyphic goes all-in and I have to assume that that since we both have about the same size stack (he was slightly larger) and our M is SO low, that he can do this with Any pair or big Ace. I feel I am good here and make the call to see his beautiful 66. The flop has not 1 but 2 aces, but I don’t care about the 1600 anymore, I need glyphic’s chips (and he needs mine). A 6 on the turn and IGHN and glyphic goes on to cash (I assume). I could not even speak. I walked away from the computer and spent the rest of the evening with the kids.

I thought it would effect me for quite some time, but despite the disappointment. DISSAPOINTMENT!!! !#$&(@#$@#$^ I am ok now. Anyways, despite the disappointment, I played some mean poker baby. And for that I can be proud

or content

or I take some solace. F**K.

Well, I refuse to feel sorry for myself anyways. 94th. Not much of a trophy eh? Biggestron set the tempo days earlier when he said “I am going to chip up early or go home early. I don’t want to bubble a freeroll.” Indeed. That was my goal too. But sometime after that first hand was dealt, I knew I was going to play like it was the freakin’ world series.

Mark my words (please don’t), ONE OF THESE DAYS I AM GOING TO WIN SOMETHING. And not in Moneymaker fashion either (not that there is anything wrong with that). By playing a mean game of poker and getting a break at the end.

I may not post for a few days as I need to get some wrist surgery. (Typing accident. No, really!) But you can rest assured that I am gathering thoughts and I’ll be back. Oh, you can count on that. I’ll be back. CURSE YOU POKER STARSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS...

p.s. I hope glyphic won it.


HCR said...

I suffered the same fate when I got all my money in twice and lost twice with the best hand. I was solid all game but that doesn't matter now..AK vs A7 and AA vs AK vs QQ


Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Great job, Columbo. Very impressive performance. Top 100 in this event is really something to be proud of. Sucks the way you lost, but frankly it's not much different from the way most of the large MTTs I play in end up. But you played awesome and it sucks you don't have any prizes or payouts to show for it. Go take down the WWdN on Tuesday and you'll feel like the million bucks you should be feeling like this morning.

bngolfn said...

I was just above average with a little over 500 left when I had to get my wife from the airport. Blinded away to finish 203. I did get to play the whole first hour at the same table as Wil Weaton. He was card dead the whole hour. Must be hard to concentrate when you have assholes who don't stop giving you grief the whole time.

StudioGlyphic said...

Didn't quite win, but I did come in 6th. Sorry for that brutal suckout. :|

Stephen said...

Great write up. I lost a good chunk of my chips to deuces when a 2 showed up on the turn. but s**t happens, and I was happy with 112th place.

Anonymous said...

Nice work Colombo.
Don't be too disappointed as I finished 2233 or something 12 form bottom lol. I got my chips in on the flop with a nut flush draw and missed again :[
When will I learn.

Short-Stacked Shamus said...

Helluva tourney, Columbo. As a fan of the OMMs (and yr blog), I sought you out & happened to have been on the rail to watch yr last hour or so, incl. the horrific finale. Great playing there w/the short stack, stealing blinds at a freq. enough clip to keep above water. Really well done.

Anyhow, top hundred is terrific here -- a lot of real players in this tourney, it seemed to me. You'll break through here soon enough.

Oh . . . and just one more thing (as Columbo would say) . . .

I'm pushing w/my top two pair (in this wk's OMM). Although given what one often sees in Level 1 of the $4 Stars trnys, I'm certainly getting called to the end, I'm sure.